The Sunflower Clock Watchers chapter was organized as Chapter #63 of National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors in 1970.  A group of Watch and Clock enthusiasts meet to share their interests in collecting and repairing old timepieces.  The chapter met in members homes until a suitable common meeting place could be secured.  Soon, Chapter #63 partnered with area NAWCC Chapters in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas to hold a Regional Convention and has continued to participate in the MKOA regional, hosting it in Wichita every 4th year.  Members of Chapter #63 bring a diverse array of horological interests including collecting of old timepieces, repair and restoration of clocks and watches, both big and small.


The chapter maintains the tower clock at the Sedgwick County Historical Society and also maintains an O.B. Tower ClockMcClintock 4-Dial Master/Slave clock at the corner of Douglas and Main streets.


Upcoming programs [subject to change]

March 2024 - 

April 2024 - 

April 19 & 20 - Spring Watch & Clock Show

May 2024 - 

June 2024 - TBD by Kevin Holloway

July 2024 - 

August 2024 - 

September 2024 - Atmos Clocks

October 2024 - 

November 2024 - 

December 2024 - Holiday Gathering






2023 Meeting Program Schedule [subject to change]

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